21 thoughts on “Yachting Monthly’s Beneteau Sense 46 test

  1. Awesome review as always! However i do have a request and that is a long
    and detailed review of my absolute favorite sailing yacht the BENETEAU
    OCEANIS 55. I would absolutely love to see a full on review on it. I have
    only seen it once on a boat show in Sweden but i didnt get a good look at
    it since there where so many people on it and the line was so long it take
    forever to get on it and have a look and feel. I hope it will be possible!
    Cheers !

  2. I have a legitimately difficult time hearing/understanding this man.

  3. you want to sell these.. get someone that has a personality to Show them..
    Geeezz this guy needs a De Fibb

  4. really detailed! would love to have the same for sense 50 and oceanis 48

  5. Excellent practical reviews for boaters ,with information that that
    really matters , and no sales pitches.

  6. This video is fantastically detailed. It was immensely interesting to
    watch. Please keep them going!

  7. I’d sail the Bahamas in that, you know, just to relax and soak up the sun,
    the interior looks very comfortable.

  8. Nice review! one question: which boat will you recommend for a one man
    crew around cape horn? 

  9. Advierto que vi este vídeo sin tener sonido habilitado, no se que tan bueno
    o malo sea el evaluador, pero vi este velero y es verdaderamente

  10. I am a sailor and boat owner and NO I don’t want someone to try to sell me
    a boat on a video like this. He is doing a review, not a sales
    pitch.Completely different things. And I, like most boaters, like his
    style. He just shows us what the boat has and does, simple and factual. No
    sales pitch. Great.

  11. I want a boat with more space and less ropes please. thanks and can you
    include some hot bikin girls. People are saying your a homo.

  12. I just found your channel I love it ; I just subscribed to it. thanks for
    being on youtube. will post to my sailing club.
    John T 

  13. One of the major problems we have had was delivery time, and build time.
    6 months is what we were quoted through a competitor.
    HAHAHAAAAAAHAHAAA!!! 20 months later.. where o where…

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