25 thoughts on “Greatest Boat Crashes – boating, yachting, shipping, sailing

  1. yes you are right – very cool – they have the full length vids and full
    slide show showing the accidents and crazyness

  2. I really like the the one of the Car and the Truck hanging of the cliff!
    great job!

  3. man i wish i could know how some of those things went down. seriously, some
    of them just seem impossible!!!

  4. Yes Aquaadict…. It is super… Nice to meet you here and I hope we are at
    Splash…. Thanks…

  5. lmao that was sum funny crashes lol but all 2gether i bet that all those
    boats n stuff came 2 a total of like hmmm $8 billion hahaha

  6. 54 seconds, how the heck do you do that? Sink it in port, and it looks like
    it was docked because its tied up?

  7. Don´t now the name of the music, but you will find it in on the “Schindlers
    List” soundtrack.

  8. Great photos. The fades are a little much. Make them shorter or eliminate
    altogether. Good job!

  9. 1:15 absolutely gutted. out of all the places in the sea haha. and i agree
    with the guy below, how the hell did they land perfectly on a rock? haha

  10. yes i thought the same thing – but you can go to the site and see
    everything – They have a ton of funny boating videos also

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