TP52 Super Series

The 52 Super Series 2015 champions, Azzurra showed their best performance in this season till now in the Bay of Palma where they had achieved the World Championship title last year. Smeralda, the Yacht Club Costa team achieved 2nd positions two times from the windward leeward competitions which were sailed in sea breeze conditions. On 26th July, there was the launch pad for competition victories. The main position towards the start line of the gun was what led to the victory of Provezza and Bronenosec.

The team Azzurra won the best in balancing on the line up without pushing very hard for the big reward title. They were in the 2nd position at the windward point and then kept it tight to achieve their 2nd places. The Puerto Portals 2016 Sailing Week will be the biggest as of now.

With only 5 points that separated the main 6 boats, the Quantum Racing team sailed to achieve 4th and 5th place on 26th July. Both Quantum Racing and Azzurra are on 14 points, just ahead of the Yacht Charter in Largs team. The winners of the race Provezza and Bronenosec have achieved 15 points, whereas Sled is on 19 points and Platoon on 17 points. There are mainly 3 points that are keeping Gladiator apart.

Bronenosec achieved the pin in the starting race as they sailed hard and as fast they could. They achieved a good lead during the WW1 turn. Azzurra was in the 2nd round and the fleet was managed quite well. However, when Bronenosec made an attempt doing the same start again, they were closed out from Provezza. The match was incredible to watch and now the wait is on to see which team would win the main title in the 52 Super Series. The winners on the day 1 are waiting for another good day to start to ensure that they make it to top.