Alinghi Team Wins Act 6

The dismasting that the Swiss team suffered at the beginning of Act 6 of Extreme Sailing Series could not put them off from making an extraordinary comeback. Alinghi won the Act 6 even after being disarmed earlier in the race.

The Extreme Sailing Series has been taking part in the waters of the Madeira Islands in Portugal. The Red Bull Sailing team had collided at high speed with the Swiss team. This had resulted in the mast of the GC32 catamaran of the Swiss team being damaged. The damage had occurred in the third race, which had forced the crew of the team to stop from participating from the four races that remained – some of them even went off to Yacht Charter in Scotland instead!?

It also threatened to keep them from being on the waters on the final day of the race. However, their shore team helped them to get back to action. The sailors then repaid their shore team by winning a victory in both races in the final lap of the event. There were light winds, but even then the team was able to pull off a victory.

The runners up position were claimed by the Red Bull Sailing team. They came in runners up position for the third time in the total of six Acts. Oman Air led the way as a leader in the series. This series made its debut this year at Madeira Islands. Alinghi was able to reduce the gap between Oman Air and there are only three points left.

With two more Acts take place in this season there might just be new changes that take place in the Leaderboard position. There is another race coming up in Lisbon and then there would be a final race held in December. Alinghi team dedicated their victory to their offshore team, without whose efforts, their achievement would not have been possible.