Harkens International Youth Match Racing Championship On Progress

Sydney is proceeding to host the Harken international Youth match racing competition this year. The weather conditions in the northern side of Sydney have actually brought in bad vibes to the organizers. The match racing is considered to be one of the hardest and most competitive events in sailing, where boats rise up in pairs trying to out-maneuver, force penalties on each other and gain points also staying away from penalties themselves.

Royal Prince Alfred yacht club hosted the welcoming of 12 teams across the USA, New Zealand, New Caledonia, and Australia. Commodore Micheal Lockley and the head coach Tom Spithill hosted the teams’ introductions to the sailors. Leonard Takahashi has joined Nathan Outteridge’s sail GP’s Japanese team. He sailed for New Zealand squadron for the previous Harken international. Spithill already mentioned in his recent statement how the harken international uplifts the sailors. Grant Pellew also added that the Harken youth match racing helps them find the best amongst the sailors and if they continue in this manner, they might even find the next James Spithill!

$1,000 awaits the winner sponsored by Harken Australia. This year, they are possibly hosting some of the finest sailors in the world along with their young talents among which are two women. Sailors like James Hodgson who is rated 35th in the world and also Jordan Stevenson who is rated 68th in the world is no less excited about how those fresh fins are going to exhibit their sailing instincts against their young guns. Grant Pellew, managing director of Harken is supposed to attend the event but still has sent his message to be read out to the assembled competitors. The club is preparing best gears available to tackle the uncertain westerlies on Pittwater and the ‘Gully breeze’.