25 thoughts on “WallyAce 26m from Motor Boat & Yachting

  1. Im sure the quality of build is great and as a yacht she works just fine
    but as a design exercise she’s hideous!
    I hope this isn’t the shape of things to come for yachts of the future..
    She looks like the bastard offspring of a Norwegian fishing trawler which
    has been raped by a Uboat.
    sorry chaps..

  2. I wonder how dry that master cabin is in a following sea? I like the
    Wallypower, I mean it’s stupid as well but it’s cool.

  3. I have a large 90 foot boat , my god how horrible !! and the amount of
    glass , it will work the aircon. overtime, good boat for northern Europe ,
    hopeless in hot climates

  4. sorry but that’s one ugly boat ,, real cheap looking on the inside. the
    saloon looks basic and no thought to style.. that area should look a
    million bucks. 

  5. The boat doesn’t look refined or thought out fully. Maybe its only

  6. Looks good and I really like the open plan with 360 glass. Can you do
    another video with how it’s outfitted?

  7. I visited the yacht yesterday at the Cannes Boat Show. She looks great on
    the video, but is 100X better in real life. I also found out about the
    SeaKeepers stabilisers. They actually take about 1 hour to build up speed,
    but you can have them in active mode or non – active. The 10 seconds to
    take effect is actually just turning them on to active mode.

  8. Great Video – especially the demonstration of the SeaKeepers zero speed
    stabilisers. The Mitsubishi Gyro stabilisers that Ferretti use take 45
    minutes to build up speed and start to work, I wonder how the SeaKeepers
    started to take effect after just ten seconds!

  9. looks like the latest BMW’s and a tug boat not to good looking. The insides
    is just a bit too “clean” A boat should have sexy lines and swooping lined.
    Sorry mate just looks like a shaved rectangle. Sorry man just looks clunky

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